GNAP Law Enforcement Department What does the Law Enforcement Department  do in GNAP? The main issues related to the conservation of the park are poaching, illegal logging, illegal mining and Human / Wildlife conflict around the protected area and its Buffer Zone. GNAP is also mitigating agriguture and encroachment threats within the park. Patrols are the […]


🐛🐌🌱What are NTFPs? Non Timber Forest Products: any product other timber that is produced naturally in forests and can be harvested for human use without destroying the environment. These are food and non-food products. The main NTFPs present in the GNAP area are: honey, mushrooms, caterpillars, leaves, straw, rope, termite, snail, bamboo. Do you know […]


Why is it important to monitor wildlife? How are wildlife sightings recorded? What are direct and indirect observations? Read the article on monitoring GNAP priority species here and discover our collaboration with EarthRanger  Remote sensing is crucial to monitoring priority species, such as buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and elephant, in the Gilé National Park (GNAP), knowing positions, […]

GNAP supports training and internship opportunities with universities and research centers and contributes to the transformation of the conservation field in Mozambique

GNAP and Leadership Program for Conservation in Mozambique Liliana, 24 years old, graduated in Geography with specialization in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, is part of the group of interns of the 3rd edition of the Leadership Program for Conservation in Mozambique (Programa de Liderança para Conservação de Moçambique, PLCM) funded by BIOFUND in partnership with […]


🌳🌱International Day of Forests🌳🌱 The vegetation of GNAP mainly consists of a mosaic of Miombo woodland and seasonal inundated grassland or Dambo. “Miombo” is the Swahili word for the trees of the genus Brachystegia, which include several species and that is dominant in this type of tropical and subtropical biome Miombo woodlands are found in […]


“Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration” is the theme of World Wildlife Day 2022. What are key species? Key species are all species (animal, plant or fungal) that have a strong impact in their territory, based on their numbers. Key species therefore play a stabilizing role in ecosystems. Like many other protected areas in Mozambique, Gilé […]

BIOFUND found the first team of researchers that will initiate applied research activities in GNAP under the PROMOVE-Biodiversidade Program

Through an open competition launched in October 2021, the Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (BIOFUND), in collaboration with the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) and Gilé National Park (GNAP), found the first team of researchers that will initiate applied research activities in GNAP under the PROMOVE Biodiversidade Program, funded by the European Union and an integral […]

GNAP carried out GPS collaring operation on 2 elephants and 1 buffalo

In October GNAP carried out GPS collaring operation on 2 elephants and 1 buffalo. The operation was managed with the support of veterinarian João Almeida from Mozambique Wildlife Alliance and pilot Peter Perlstein from Wildlife Helicopters Mozambique. A total of 2 days and approximately 16 hours of flight time were spent. The team captured a […]