Foundation François Sommer- International Foundation for Wildlife Management

Created in 1964 by François and Jacqueline Sommer and recognised as being of public utility, the François Sommer Foundation (FFS) works to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and to share the wealth of artistic and cultural heritage. 

In Africa, the FFS and its international branch, the International Foundation for Wildlife Management (IGF), works for the management of protected areas and the conservation of wildlife and habitats through scientific research, conservation and management actions in the field, and the support of community development projects (economic development, professionalization, education, health, etc.).

This work is carried out in partnership with governments and local communities, particularly in order to develop the principles of collaborative management and shared governance. All these actions are supported by national and international technical partners, recognised for their expertise in the fields of scientific research, conservation, support to civil society and development aid. 


BIOFUND – Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity is an Environmental Fund – is a not-for-profit institution with the aim of financing the conservation of biodiversity in Mozambique. 

BIOFUND mobilizes, applies and manages financial resources to the exclusive benefit of the conservation of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources, including the consolidation of the national system of Conservation Areas. Find out more


The EU institutions are the world’s leading donor of development assistance and cooperation. 

The EU proposes legislation and policies to promote good governance and human and economic development, such as fighting hunger and preserving natural resources. 

EU development cooperation with East Africa combines national, regional, and thematic programs, which aim to best tailor the support to EU partners’ development priorities. Find out more


The French Development Agency (Agence française de développement, AFD) is a public financial institution founded in 1998 that works to fight poverty and promote sustainable development. 

AFD operates for issues related to the protection of the environment and energy management. 

In Sub-Saharan Africa, AFD aims to promote access to essential services, family farming and job-creating enterprises, the preservation of natural resources as well as the development of infrastructure and the growth of sustainable cities. Find out more


Radeza (Rede Para Ambiente E Desenvolvimento Comunitario Sustentavel Zambézia) is a Mozambican consulting organization for environment, agriculture and sustainable community development active in Zambézia region.

Radeza collaborates with Gilé National Park in order to raise the awareness of communities on environmental education, gender, sustainable use of forestry resources and NTFPs. 


Nitidæ is a French non-profit association born in 2017 from the merging of Etc Terra and Rongead.

With an operational team of professionals, provides a technical expertise to agriculture, markets, value chains, forest, climate, REDD+ and conservation. 

Nitidæ offers integrated solutions for rural territories in Africa and promotes local economic development in conjunction with producer organizations. Find out more


MozFIP (Projecto de Investimento Florestal em Moçambique) is a project that falls within FNDS (Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento Sustentável) and promotes integrated development in rural areas and reduction of deforestation, through the sustainable use of forest resources, the organization of the territory and environmental management. 

Their objectives aim to improve practices and management of land and forests at the national level by generating an impact on the development of family farming and the sustainable management of natural resources and NTFPs. Find out more