Getting here:

The cities with international airports from which to reach the Gilé National Park (GNAP) are Quelimane and Nampula. From the cities, there are 4 main itineraries to get to the GNAP.

To undertake the journey the use of a car equipped with 4×4 wheels is strongly recommended.

The roads are often unpaved and bumpy. During the rainy season, some bridges and fords are covered or destroyed by the rain.

Reservations are recommended so that meals and other requests can be arranged in advance with the GNAP staff.

From Quelimane

Option 1. Via Maganja da Costa (370 km, approximately 6h in dry season, 10-11h during rainy season)

  • Quelimane – Nicoadala, 40 km (only 1 road) 
  • Nicoadala – Malei, 60 km direction Mocuba/Nampula (EN1, asphalted) 
  • Malei – Maganja da Costa, 50 km (unpaved, generally in good conditions) 
  • Maganja da Costa – Mocubela, 70 km (unpaved, careful to the conditions, many bridges) 
  • Mocubela – Magiga 50 km (unpaved, not always in good conditions, 1er panel indicating the direction to GNAP at Magiga) 
  • Magiga – Musseia (GNAP), 100 km (unpaved, generally in good conditions, many bridges and human settlements (after Magiga do not turn at the first panel indicating the GNAP, but at the second one).

Option 2. via Mocuba (420 km, approximately 7 h in dry season, 10-11h during rainy season) 

  • Quelimane – Nicoadala, 40 km (only 1 road) 
  • Nicoadala – Mocuba, 110km direction Nampula (EN1, asphalted) 
  • 5 km after Mocuba, turn right, after further 3 km, turn left on the unpaved road (go straight until Maganja da Costa, 90 km) 
  • Refer above for the itinerary Maganja da Costa – GNAP.

Option 3. via Mugela (approx. 420-470km, approximately 7 h in dry season, 10-11h during rainy season) 

  • Quelimane – Nicoadala, 40 km (only 1 road) 
  • Nicoadala – Mocuba, 110 km direction Nampula (EN1, asphalted) 
  • Mocuba – Mugeba, 30 km direction Nampula (EN1, asphalted) 
  • Mugeba – Mocubela, approximately 90 km (unpaved road with many bridges) 
  • Refer above for the itinerary Mocubela – GNAP.

From Nampula

Option 4. (300 km, approximately 5h during dry season and up to 10h during rainy season)

  • Nampula – Alto Ligonha, approximately 110 km (EN1 asphalted), few km before Alto Ligonha turn right at the panel indicating Gilé, on a well indicated unpaved road 
  • To Gilé 95 km, (unpaved road, narrow and hilly, very demanding) 
  • Gilé – Musseia (GNAP) 95km, just before entering into the town of Gilé, turn left on the direction to Pebane and Nova Naburi (no panel!) 
  • After approximately 90 km, after the cross to Nova Naburi, cross the Molocue River (large bridge), soon after turn right, panel indicating the GNAP, 4km to go. 

Where to stay

Lice Touristic Camp

For the visitors who want to stop and sleep in the park, the Lice Touristic Camp offers 4 tents with beds, furniture and mosquito nets and a private bathroom.

A kitchen and common areas are ideal for a breakfast overlooking the river or a barbecue under the stars.

The Lice Touristic Camp is the ideal place to start for birdwatching, observe the wildlife, to walk on the suggestive rocks of the river and for a dip.