GNAP Law Enforcement Department

What does the Law Enforcement Department  do in GNAP?
The main issues related to the conservation of the park are poaching, illegal logging, illegal mining and Human / Wildlife conflict around the protected area and its Buffer Zone. GNAP is also mitigating agriguture and encroachment threats within the park.

Patrols are the order of the day and are carried out by jeep, motorbike, on foot or by canoe, depending on the season and the condition of the roads and trails.
GNAP deployed an average of 5 rangers per day.

Between January and July, GNAP rangers detected about 150 illegal activities in the protected area.
In 6 months 30 traps, 46 gin traps, 17 spears, 6 hunting nets and 11 fishing nets have been confiscated.

When poachers, illegal miners or loggers are arrested, legal process are regularly submitted to Pebane and Gile’s District Attorney’s office.

To ensure effective success of operations, Law Enforcement Department closely collaborates with local authorities and police departments.
GNAP ensure good cooperation with the government and government agencies such as AQUA Agência Nacional para Avaliação da Qualidade Ambiental (National Agency for Environmental Quality Assessment).