???What are NTFPs?
Non Timber Forest Products: any product other timber that is produced naturally in forests and can be harvested for human use without destroying the environment. These are food and non-food products.
The main NTFPs present in the GNAP area are: honey, mushrooms, caterpillars, leaves, straw, rope, termite, snail, bamboo.
Do you know how to collect termite properly? What about straw?
How can I be sure I am making the right choice?
GNAP Community Development Department with the support of BIOFUND _Fondation François Sommer and Agence Française de Développement – has created a manual that illustrates sustainable methods of harvesting non-timber forest products for local communities. This manual is a pedagogical tool for environmental education in the field.
Drawings made by Mamudo, an artist from Nampula.

Find the guide here: https://www.biofund.org.mz/biblioteca_virtual/guiao-boas-praticas-de-recolha-produtos-florestais-nao-madeireiros/