GNAP supports training and internship opportunities with universities and research centers and contributes to the transformation of the conservation field in Mozambique

GNAP and Leadership Program for Conservation in Mozambique

Liliana, 24 years old, graduated in Geography with specialization in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, is part of the group of interns of the 3rd edition of the Leadership Program for Conservation in Mozambique (Programa de Liderança para Conservação de Moçambique, PLCM) funded by BIOFUND in partnership with the National Administration of Conservation Areas (Administração Nacional de Áreas de Conservação, ANAC).

PLCM is a program of personal and institutional development which aims to raise awareness in civil society about the importance of biodiversity conservation by motivating and training young talents in biodiversity conservation management skills.

Liliana was selected as an intern at the Gilé National Park and she is currently working on fauna database management and surveillance and map production at the Law Enforcement Department (Departamento Fiscalização e Proteção).

Liliana says “I decided to apply for the internship program because of the passion I have for nature and also to acquire skills, competencies to pursue a career in the field of biodiversity conservation.”