??International Day of Forests??

The vegetation of GNAP mainly consists of a mosaic of Miombo woodland and seasonal inundated grassland or Dambo.
“Miombo” is the Swahili word for the trees of the genus Brachystegia, which include several species and that is dominant in this type of tropical and subtropical biome
Miombo woodlands are found in 11 African countries and at different altitudes and is characterized by a rainy season that generally runs from November to April.
The name “Dambo” is frequently used for wetlands. Dambo are characterized by grasses, rushes, sedges on clay soils. Dambo grasslands are not very extensive and they are often flooded during the rainy season: they can maintain wet drainage lines during the dry season.
The Miombo woodland is precious to GNAP’s fauna and flora, which are closely linked to it, but they also run risks!
GNAP is committed to fighting poaching, illegal logging or the opening of illegal mines and cultivated areas within the protected area.
The use of the forest’s natural resources or activities such as ecotourism, if undertaken in a controlled and sustainable way, offer much to the people living around GNAP and can be a source of income for communities.