A new well for drinking water and a new border to fight poaching

Infrastructure Department News 💧For several days in October, a drilling company drilled a well near the Musseia Headquarters. “Located at a depth of over 40 meters, this well will allow all teams to access drinking water thanks to a solar-powered pump system,” explains Thomas Prin. Previously, GNAP staff either used water from the Molocué River, […]

Buffalo translocation updates

Visit to the Marromeu reserve for the next translocation of 200 buffalo. To prepare for the translocation of 200 buffaloes to Gilé National Park, GNAP postponed until 2024 due to the damage caused by Cyclone Freddy, Thomas Prin carried out a field assessment in the Marromeu reserve. The task was to find a way for […]

The radio system in GNAP is up and running!

 The Gilé National Park teams and their service provider have just finished installing 5 radio antennas (digital VF radio with GPS tracking). Real-time communication is now possible throughout the Park. “The entire territory is covered and an operations control centre in Musseia allows us to monitor teams on mission in the field in real time”, […]

Filming for channel Seasons in GNAP

From 26 August to 11 September 23, Xavier Gasselin and Emmanuel Michard filmed a report on GNAP for Canal+ , Seasons channel /myCANAL Filming included a tour of the national park, anti-poaching patrols with rangers, visits to community programmes, participation in the capture of an elephant for a collar change and much more. “Your teams […]

Preparations for the translocation of 200 buffaloes in GNAP is underway

On 18, 19 and 20 of May, Gilé National Park has been busy preparing for one of the most important operations of the year: the translocation of 200 buffaloes from the Marromeu National Reserve to Gilé National Park. The operation is foreseen between August and September and will take a 26-hour journey by truck. The recent […]

Roads leading to Gilé damaged by Hurricane Freddy

Are the roads to Gilé still passable? This is the problem that the teams of the Gilé National Park have to deal with after the passage of this extraordinary cyclone. ″The Park was spared, but there are still concerns about the road infrastructure. Roads were cut for several days with staff blocked between the Park […]


Fondation François Sommer NEWS #repost Agence Française de Développement validou em Dezembro o relatório intercalar do projeto Produtos Florestais Não Madeireiros. Trata-se de um projeto de desenvolvimento dos setores económicos locais do mel, cogumelos e caracóis, nas imediações e no PNAG. “Esta é uma etapa importante, um procedimento bastante complicado com a AFD e a […]


EarthRanger training in Gilé National Park In November, GNAP hosted Cécile Merel, project officer of the Fondation François Sommer, who held a training on the use of the EarthRanger system for all park rangers. EarthRanger is a mapping system that supports the strategic management of biodiversity conservation in real time. 🔺The training took place at […]